For over 30 years, Dulong Medtech Inc. serves the health actors in equipment and specialty products. Serving the public and private sectors of the Canadian Health System, Michel Dulong and his team work to acquire and maintain the trust of their customers through a range of innovative high quality products and rigorous monitoring of the service provided.

Our mission

Working as an agent in the health system means above all to understand the scope of the impacts of our actions on the life of others. This is why the expertise, innovation, loyalty and respect are the heart of every action of Dulong Medtech.

With her conviction, she aspires to distinguish itself as a business model whose brand will, by itself, achieve an enviable reputation and the trust of healthcare professionals.

Customer Service

With innovation at the heart of its actions, Dulong Medtech ensures monitor market trends by ensuring that they respond primarily to the needs of customers.

Every employee at Dulong Medtech plays a key role among health craftsmen and therefore the company has implemented strong policies in line with the Health Canada regulations.

Dulong Medtech ensures maintaining exemplary customer experience through its experienced staff and personal service.